Treatment Program

We understand that addiction is an ailment and treat it accordingly – with love and care. Empathy is the basis of treatment at We Care Home. Treatment at We Care Home is based upon the knowledge that de addiction and rehabilitation treatment must be as unique as the individual’s problem.  We take a 360 degree view of the individuals  history,  including the type and length of drug abuse,  health condition, family dynamics,  and social challenges. This information is used to structure a drug treatment program that provides the best opportunity for recovery and rehabilitation.

Much more Than Treatment

Treating problems related to physical addiction to alcohol/drugs/substance is just the first step. The real challenge is to help the individuals to rediscover their old selves. Sustained recovery is possible only when individuals  are able to return to being contributing members of their families and the community at large.  We Care team is committed to partner with them through this most critical journey.  Our relationship does not end with the discharge from the program. We become an integral part of their addiction free life by providing them extended support.

We Care is a Home

At We Care, we live together, eat together and have fun together.  It is a home away from home. We inculcate the same values of living as a family – sharing, caring and supporting each other. We create an environment where individuals develop a sense of belonging.  The aim of the residential program is to remove them from their current non-conducive, destructive environment. We provide a home where they are surrounded by peers pursuing the same goal and a staff that is supportive and empathetic of their pursuit of sobriety.

Family Support

Addiction is a disease that affects an entire family, as much as it does the addicts.  It is only natural for families of addicts to feel unsupported and helpless.  Misplaced guilt, blame and shame engulf the families and make it difficult for them to make the right choices and decisions.

We Care offers the much needed support from the very beginning. We assist family members throughout the intake process. Our counselors are available to engage in communication with the client and their family to coach them in enrolling into the treatment. We are open to discuss and clarify any queries and alleviate their worries and their fears related to the program.

Educating the families on various issues related to drug and alcohol addiction and providing them with tools to manage the various family dynamics, is an integral part of recovery process at We Care

Individual Attention

We limit the number of residents in our program to ensure individual attention. High staff-to-resident ratio enables us to provide personalized treatment. This one-on -one interaction is very assuring for the clients. Our staff bring real life experience to the process and are able understand the emotional turmoil’s, fears and apprehensions of the recovering addicts. This bonding is unmatched in its efficacy of providing the much needed empathy and support.

Medical Professionals

We Care has a panel of Psychologist, Physician and Psychiatrists, who are available should their services be required by a resident. Apart from this, We Care Home is located just near to Subharti Hospital– one of the best hospitals in Dehradun.

A Meaningful & Practical Curriculum

We like to keep it simple!!! Interactive dialog, counseling sessions, debates, videos are used to learn the practical life skills required to pursue sobriety.  We encourage residents to take up their forgotten hobbies and use art as a way of expression. Re-learning to find joy in reading ,writing,  music, dancing, fitness etc  helps them not only to make their stay at We Care Home enjoyable, but also enables them to replace drugs and alcohols with these interests to relax and find happiness through their abstinence and recovery.

Yoga & meditation (holistic approach) and Counseling, Interventions, Feelings management, Anger management, Therapy session(therapeutic approach) are other day to day activities that keep the residents engaged. All these are supported by medical and psychiatric professionals.

Food for the Body and the Soul

Most addicts, over a period of their addiction, develop very bad eating habits!

We believe that healthy, nutritious and great tasting food is as important as the other therapeutic treatment. Feeling and looking physically healthy and fit is a great motivator, and this can be achieved with a balanced diet.

A daily changing menu comprising of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, enjoyed with the others at We Care Home, completes the feeling of being a family.