28 Days Relapse Treatment

As we all know addiction is a relapsing disease and the person which has been relapsed after a long De Addiction treatment he needs a break from his addiction, he needs a personal attention, he needs an ear who can listen to his problems who can motivate him and guide him for a good path of sober life. Through sessions we understands his core reasons of relapse and work on his character, thinking, mentality, assumptions and habits As we all know very well that every addict and alcoholic personally wants to leave his addiction and alcohol but because of cravings and withdrawals of starting days he needs a proper detoxification for a week with a proper nutritious diet, a proper time table, meditation, exercises, some good habits, change of thinking pattern and a healthy life style. This can help him to leave his addiction again and live a sober life and it is psychologically proven that any habit can be made if we perform that good habit consistently for 21 days, a good character can be identified by the habits made by a person with the guidance of recovering addicts under one roof where he can get a healthy environment with a good learning in classes can transform him from an addict to a normal person after which he can easily practice that good life style to his normal routine to regain his confidence back. We Care Society also helps a relapse patient to learn the tools of program to avoid such kind of situations and circumstances where he can get back to his addiction in his coming life.